Hi, I'm Tobias, and I'm passionate about improving our workplaces.

Work plays an essential role in our lives. When done effectively, it enables us to realize our personal purpose and gives us feelings of achievement, both of which are central elements of achieving psychological well-being. This is important not only to ourselves. Research shows that when we are well, we bring our best to our organizations. Yet, not every workplace is best optimized to promote well-being. Similarly, not everyone is implementing best practices to enhance their effectiveness. This is where I come in. Through my work experience and my graduate studies, I've become an expert in enhancing effectiveness and well-being at work, and I am now eager to guide organizations and individuals to be their best.



Workplace experience

I've worked in several large organizations, where I experienced firsthand how the physical and organizational environment can either deflate employees or empower them. I observed that people are readily able to voice difficulties and challenges that they face, but that few are sure of how to address them. This is when I decided to step in. I gained early experience introducing leading ways of working at my first employer, and have since developed a passion for learning about and implementing improvements to the workplace.


My first workplace gave me several opportunities to learn about and apply leading ways of working. When I joined, our micro-chip processing plant was undergoing a full lean transformation. Guided by  transformation leaders, I eagerly embraced the lean problem solving approach to successfully resolve several high-impact equipment malfunctions.

My first employer also gave me the chance to introduce improvements to project management. In my cross-functional team, we often faced difficulties in prioritizing our work. Many of my teammembers voiced frustration, but few had faith that the situation could be improved. Yet I believed we could make a change. I attended a project management workshop, and together with a teammate applied what I learned to develop and implement a weekly agile planning meeting. It allowed us to better align our work throughout the week, and was in continued use after my departure. Since then I've continued to explore and apply ways to make the workplace better.

In my recent graduate studies, I took special interest in agile management practices and their application in innovation processes, completing a team-research paper on the topic. Through multiple design & innovation projects, I also found great enjoyment in facilitating and implementing collaborative innovation. Finally, in my thesis work, I pursued my passion for enhancing well-being in the workplace and immersed myself in the most forward thinking work practices.

With all this accumulated knowledge and experience in leading ways of working, I'm eager to empower you and your organization to be the best at your work. Get in touch!

Pursuit of well-being

Pursuing well-being has long been a passion of mine. I have been physically active all my life, and have become a daily yoga practitioner. Over the past ten years I have become dedicated to healthy cooking and eating. In my years of work, I discovered how much proper ergonomics, good physical lighting and healthy air quality made me more effective.

To complete my graduate studies, I decided to pursue this passion and combine it with my interest in improving the workplace. I found an eager sponsor in workplace software company Mapiq, with whom I investigated how to improve well-being through smart-building technologies.

In this thesis research, I discovered the importance of psychological factors like trust and belonging in achieving well-being in the workplace. For my final deliverable, I developed a smartphone app to guide new hires in building meaningful interpersonal connections. Since then I have continued to deepen my knowledge on the topic of interpersonal dynamics in the workplace.

Favorite activities