A great first week at Workbar


I’m coming to the end of my first week at WorkBar in Cambridge's Central Square, and I’m happy with my decision to have joined this coworking space. In my previous article, I described that I joined Workbar for four reasons: its activity-based work zones, its inviting physical space, its location in a buzzing neighborhood, and its social potential. I’m glad to report that Workbar is living up to its potential to be a great workplace, and that there are a couple ways to make it even better. Here’s how:

Comprehensive activity-based areas

Workbar’s different working zones suit my working style well. I have been setting up my base station from a standing desk in the conversation-friendly Commons area, and have frequently hopped over to different zones for specific tasks. For example, I have used the whiteboard to develop a framework, and have organized my writing from a booth by the window. I’m now sitting in the no-conversation Study to write this article.


Inviting physical space & bigger lockers

The quality of the lighting is excellent. The large vertical windows provide ample natural lighting and pleasant views of Cambridge and Boston. I also appreciate the abstract artwork spread across the office walls. There are some points for improvement. I have noticed the quality of the air dropping in the afternoon, but have taken advantage of the balconies for a refresh. I was also looking forward to storing my work items in a locker, to lighten my commute and to support mindfulness at home, but was disappointed to find the lockers were too small to fit my 15” laptop. So a tip to Workbar, arrange for larger lockers and I’m happy to pay for one. Perhaps others will be too :).


Vibrant location

I very much enjoy the density of local businesses in Central Square. I have been satisfied with the quality of the local eateries, including Whole Heart Provisions and Mainely Burgers. I’ve also been happy to pop into Rodney’s Bookstore for inspiration, and to visit University Stationery to pick up my favorite colored pen. The buzz of the neighborhood energizes me, and I’m looking forward to exploring the surroundings further.

Social potential

Thanks to a couple key social events, as well as the general openness of the Workbar members, I have already made meaningful connections. At a career coaching session this past Monday, I met the founder and intern from startup Piccles, and accompanied them that same afternoon to lend a hand with a user test. At the Martini lunch on Tuesday, I met a software developer who gladly connected me with a co-worker who is also passionate about social psychology in the workplace. I have met several other members, and am looking forward to how we can collaborate.

Workbar at Central Square is proving to be a great home base for my workplace well-being practice. I feel well in the space, I’m easily able to find focus, and I already feel like I belong to the community. Maybe I'll even find a place to store my work items soon. Stay connected!

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.