Reflections on Workbar Central Square

Takeaways from a workplace specialist’s experience

The first time I walked in, I knew this place would work for me. Now eight months in, I can confirm that my feeling about Workbar in Central Square was right. Since I joined in June 2018, I’ve made significant progress building my business, and have made great personal connections. Sadly, it’s time for me to take a hiatus, but not before sharing what I liked about this Workbar location and what can be improved.

What I liked

  • Office-like aesthetic & feel

  • Activity-based neighborhoods

  • Behavioral guidelines & great adherence

  • Balanced utilization

  • External monitors & standing desks

  • Ample daylight & outdoor space

  • Community of friendly members with similar personalities/character

  • Density of local eateries, drug stores, & art/office supply shops

  • Great location for accessing Greater Boston


What can be improved

  • Lack of visual privacy for focus work

  • Occasional disruptive behavior by members & guests

  • Few profession-specific groups/events

  • Lack of personal storage

  • Dropping air quality on busy days


This post is an excerpt from the full article, available at Workbar.

*Disclosure: I have not been compensated by Workbar for this review