A futures concept for HIgh-End appliance brand Gaggenau


Spring 2017 Joint Master Project

By The Collaborative, a team of six multi-disciplinary design students at TU Delft


Enable Gaggenau to promote a new luxury mindset through pioneering technologies

Research PHASE

User research, market, and trend analysis to generate a design vision.

My contribution

  • Managed team through phase, setting deadlines and leading meetings with supervisor

  • Created user interview guide and recruited participants

  • Performed six user interviews

  • Led drafting of end-of-phase report (download Synthesis & Conclusion)

Concept PHase

Creation of futures scenarios, personas, and development of six design directions.

My contribution

  • Presented research findings to client

  • Formulated evaluation criteria (PDF download)

  • Led copywriting for end-of-phase report

  • Developed questionnaire and analyzed results to evaluate final two concepts

Final Design PHase

Final embodiment, business case analysis, and development of launch strategy.

My contribution

  • Analyzed business case

  • Created marketing strategy

  • Refined project roadmap

  • Performed video voiceover

  • Led copywriting for final report (download Executive Summary)

  • Co-presented final design at client


Tobias Froehlich, Anne Brus, Martijn Verbeij, Adriaan Bernstein, Lorenz Bauer, Jan Frielingsdorf