Innovation Strategy for KLM



Fall 2016 Design Strategy Project

By Spark, a team of four Strategic Product Design students.


Guide a leadership team to accelerate innovation in their department.

Capabilities in Action

Initial research

We began with a site visit to get to know the work environment. Employees shared their experiences with us through empathy maps.

Mission development

We then guided the leadership team to form their mission through a contextmapping session.

Translate strategy into action and empower people by connecting them.
— Leadership team mission statement

Developing a solution

Our analysis revealed a clear opportunity: implement agile design methodology. Therefore, we developed a plan to lead cross-functional design sprints at Inflight Services.

Collaborative Innovation Pilot

To put our plan to the test, we facilitated a full day design sprint. The challenge of our pilot: how to introduce new cabin crew managers to their teams?


The collaborative innovation pilot was successful! One of the two final concepts was implemented that same month. More importantly, the session kicked off an internal discussion about how to continue innovating in this collaborative way.

Making it stick

To further ingrain the collaborative innovation mindset, we created a roadmap for the department.


Anna Filippi, Tobias Froehlich, Anne Brus, Andre Dias