My Skills

The following is a range of methods and media that I apply in my work. Think one of these could benefit your business? Get in touch to explore how we can work together.


Generative research

In primary project stages, I apply qualitative research to discover people's underlying needs and motivations. I favor interviews, contextmapping, and contextual observation.



Facilitation is a core capability that I apply to guide groups through a range of activities. These include idea-generation exercises, contextmapping sessions, and group workshops.



Roadmapping is a powerful method I enjoy using to translate strategy into actionable steps. The visual result is a fantastic medium for communication, as evidenced by the pieces below.



I enjoy writing about topics relevant to the workplace to share my knowledge and experiences. I write my own articles and contribute to industry partners on a freelance basis. View my activity blog to read pieces.


Visual Thinking

I find that communicating thoughts and processes through drawings and icons is very powerful. I enjoy applying this ability in my daily note-taking, and in my communications.


Public Speaking

I greatly enjoy sharing my knowledge by speaking to audiences. I have a history of being top pick for sharing academic group work, and relish the opportunity to make our work shine.