My Story

Early years as an engineer made me attune to the influence of workplace environment, processes, and behaviors on our morale and productivity. In my subsequent graduate studies, I built design strategy skills that enabled me to effectively shape human-centered experiences. In my master’s thesis, I applied these skills to identify opportunities to improve the workplace experience with technology. Now, I’m deepening my knowledge and sharing through writing and speaking.


Why workplace?

Work plays an essential role in our lives. It can enable us to live a life of purpose and achieve well-being. Yet, our ability to do so depends greatly on our work environment. Throughout my work experience, I saw firsthand how the physical and organizational environment can either deflate or empower us. I observed that colleagues were readily able to voice difficulties and challenges that they faced, but that few were confident about how to address them. With the belief that change was possible, I decided to step in. I gained early experience introducing leading ways of working at my first employer, and have since developed a passion for learning about and implementing improvements to the workplace.

International experience

I grew up moving back and forth between Europe and the US, completed my bachelor in Canada, and my graduate studies in The Netherlands. Along the way I've become acquainted with many different cultures, and have learned several languages.



Native Languages

English, French, German


Working Languages

Dutch, Spanish

Why well-being?

Pursuing well-being has long been a passion of mine. I have been physically active all my life, and have become a daily yoga practitioner. Over the past ten years I have become dedicated to healthy cooking and eating. In my years of work, I discovered how much proper ergonomics, natural light and healthy air make me more effective.

Favorite activities