A Networking app for new hires


A networking feature

The people-centered concept is proposed as an embedded feature in Mapiq Now, Mapiq’s workplace productivity app.


Interest-based matching

Users complete their profile to allow the system to identify colleagues with matching interests.


Suggestion-based meetups

The system suggests occasions to meet colleagues with matching interests, in an innovative calendar view.


2017-2018 Master’s Thesis in collaboration with smart-building software company Mapiq.

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Research Question

How can well-being at work be effectively enhanced with smart-building technologies?

Project Phases

Well-being Research

Through literature review and contextmapping workshops, I understood that relationships in the workplace have a great influence on well-being.

Opportunity Finding

Through company research and ideation, I identified opportunities for Mapiq’s technology to strengthen relationships in the workplace.

Design & Evaluation

Through paper prototyping and wireframing, I designed a social networking feature for Mapiq’s mobile app.

I can see the potential in this thing, really … it makes visible the things people otherwise just know by word of mouth.
— Service designer at a software company

Integrating the design with mapiq

Mapiq's vision is to be the go-to resource for smart-office workers to get the most out of their workplace. Correspondingly, Mapiq has developed a user-friendly smartphone app Mapiq Now. The app gives office workers a central place to complete a range of tasks, including booking conference rooms, controlling lights, and finding colleagues. Mapiq Now holds great potential to be even more useful for office workers, so I designed my concept as a feature within the application.

Mapiq now screenshots

iPhone Mapiq Now - general.png
iPhone Mapiq Now - control.png
iPhone Mapiq Now - people.png

My design as a Mapiq Now feature

I think it fits in perfectly. The big idea of Mapiq is to make the agile workplace really work, and provide people with the facilities they need.
— Mapiq CEO


A highly-regarded project - CUm laude

This project formed the capstone of my graduate studies at TU Delft, granting me an MSc in Strategic Product Design with cum laude distinction. Furthermore, the project enabled me to develop my passion for workplace well-being into an expertise.



Pictured above from left to right: Rebecca Price, Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Tobias Froehlich, Anne Wernand, Bouwe dePlanque

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